OpenShift Enterprise 3.1 on AWS/EC2

This particular deployment was my first experience/foray into the world of Amazon AWS EC2.  While it took some getting used to the layout and terms, it eventually all ended up making sense for the most part. [Read More]

JBoss BPM Suite v6.1 - CI/CD with jenkins

CI/CD is a heavily discussed topic in the past few years with each individual or organization having their own patterns and methodology.  There is no one single way of implementing CI/CD, it is what fits within your organization. [Read More]

Nexus deployment in OpenShift Enterprise 3.0

For testing, prototyping, sometimes you just want to host a local nexus in your OpenShift environment.  This also helps for some offline scenarios as well.  Your environment and enterprise may need to address other requirements, but here is a quick way to deploy it. [Read More]

JBoss EAP 6.x - Creating a quick domain with a few hosts

This example guide was tested / created using EAP 6.4.3 Quickly setup EAP in Domain Single host (OS) 1 - Domain Controller 2 - Nodes Domain Change the host config, (if you do not change then command line domain. [Read More]

gradle... another build/dependency management tool

Most of the time I'm working with maven, but there are those out there who use gradle.  Granted this is my first shot at leveraging gradle, I was able to use it's built in mechanism for taking advantage of maven repos. [Read More]

OpenShift Enterprise 3.0 multi-host vagrant build

Earlier I posted information regarding an all-in-one build of OpenShift Enterprise via vagrant.   I have since updated and created a new Vagrantfile with a multi-host build as well.  This one requires a little more prep and setup because it's ideal to have your environment prepped and then stored as a box image. [Read More]