Home automation with a series of open source tools and a smart home hub

So for the past few years I’ve managed with just a smartthings hub gen 1, prior to the acquisition by Samsung. In an effort to try and present as much information of what’s happening in the household, I’ve mounted old smartphones and tablets on the wall. [Read More]

Migration from blogger to Jekyll (hosted on github)

I’ve updated the underlying blog hosted on blogger to jekyll hosted on github. Migrating the content was fairly easy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to migrate previous comments, it will now be hosted on disqus. [Read More]

JBoss BPM Suite - Vacation Request Process / Demo

In the process of working with a partner and customer, I developed a Vacation Request business process. As part of the process I wanted to demonstrate human tasks, service calls and a business rule. [Read More]

JBoss BRMS Decision Server 6.2 (kie-server)

So quite a bit has changed between Decision Server 6.1 and Decision Server 6.2.  The way you interact with kie-server, such as registering a server and adding your containers.  There are also changes to the kie-server URL and the payload generator as well. [Read More]

OpenShift Enterprise 3.1 on AWS/EC2

This particular deployment was my first experience/foray into the world of Amazon AWS EC2.  While it took some getting used to the layout and terms, it eventually all ended up making sense for the most part. [Read More]