Migration from blogger to Jekyll (hosted on github)

I’ve updated the underlying blog hosted on blogger to jekyll hosted on github. Migrating the content was fairly easy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to migrate previous comments, it will now be hosted on disqus. [Read More]

JBoss BPM Suite - Vacation Request Process / Demo

In the process of working with a partner and customer, I developed a Vacation Request business process. As part of the process I wanted to demonstrate human tasks, service calls and a business rule. [Read More]

JBoss BRMS Decision Server 6.2 (kie-server)

So quite a bit has changed between Decision Server 6.1 and Decision Server 6.2.  The way you interact with kie-server, such as registering a server and adding your containers.  There are also changes to the kie-server URL and the payload generator as well. [Read More]