Migration from blogger to Jekyll (hosted on github)

I’ve updated the underlying blog hosted on blogger to jekyll hosted on github.
Migrating the content was fairly easy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to migrate previous comments, it will now be hosted on disqus. The one advantage I have now is being able to write content with markdown instead of html which made things a bit more difficult. Plus everything is just a file now. I will eventually start using the jekyll provided rogue feature for syntax highlighting.

Eventually I’ll look into some theming as well, or leave it as is, nice and clean.

  1. Export your blog under settings and backup content (from blogger) linky
  2. Use the jekyll import blogger format linky
  3. Create your page on github linky
  4. Follow setup instructions here
  5. _config.yml is your friend
  6. bundle exec jekyll serve is also your friend for local testing of your content
  7. Current gems so far
    • jekyll-feed
    • jekyll-seo-tag
    • jekyll-sitemap
    • jekyll-mentions
    • jemoji
  8. Setup disqus for commenting linky
  9. Update your site to the latest gems
    • bundle update or bundle update github-pages
  10. Push your site
    • git add *, git commit -m 'updates', git push origin master
  • A good link for specific jekyll functions supported within github

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