JBoss BRMS Decision Server 6.2 (kie-server)

So quite a bit has changed between Decision Server 6.1 and Decision Server 6.2.  The way you interact with kie-server, such as registering a server and adding your containers.  There are also changes to the kie-server URL and the payload generator as well.

To register your kie-server, you now have to do it as a system-property.  While it's outside of business-central, it does give you a little flexibility to manipulate the URLs.  At the moment with 6.2, there some areas that need to be hard coded for now.  Additional notes can be found in this KB article.

The container creation is a bit like before, you click + next to your registered server, then you specify the maven GAV of the project you want.

On the client side, quite a few changes here as well, kie server client is revamped along with the payload generator classes.  There is a marshaller class one can use to generate XSTREAM, JSON, JAXB.  The BatchExecutionCommand has some new ways of doing things.  One of the bigger changes for standalone REST clients is that there is a new HTTP header property you need, "X-KIE-ContentType: XSTREAM" in order for the server to know the type of content you plan on sending.  This KB article mentions the types of acceptable content types.
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