gradle... another build/dependency management tool

Most of the time I'm working with maven, but there are those out there who use gradle.  Granted this is my first shot at leveraging gradle, I was able to use it's built in mechanism for taking advantage of maven repos.  So all I had to do was take an existing maven POM and tell gradle to generate a build/settings.gradle file.

gradle init --type pom

Of course YMMV quite a bit depending on how complex and unique your pom is.  However it's a start.  I didn't really have to make many changes to the build.gradle after generation.

The example that I used was the jboss-kitchensink webapp.  I have it here as an example.

Gradle looks to have inspiration coming from ant with concepts of tasks and being able to perform operations providing scripting like capabilities.

Still new to me.
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